Attention needed

Saeghe is a difficult name to pronounce. Therefore, Saeghe project has been renamed to phpkg.

This website no longer receives updates.

Please visit phpkg website at


You need to do some steps to prepare your application to start using it. You can do these steps by yourself, however, there is a faster way to do so, you can use the init command in this case.


Simply, run the following command on your application:

saeghe init

This command will create the required files and directories:

  • It creates a saeghe.config.json file
  • It creates a saeghe.config-lock.json file
  • It creates a directory for storing packages’ source code in it, by default the name is Packages
  • It created a builds directory for keeping builds files and directories (see build command documentation)

As mentioned before, you can do all of these steps by yourself, however, running the command will be a much faster approach.

If you want to use other directories than Packages for keeping added packages, you can call the init command with the packages-directory argument:

saeghe init --packages-directory=vendor

After having your application initialized, you may start to apply your configuration in the saeghe.config.json file.

See customization documents