Attention needed

Saeghe is a difficult name to pronounce. Therefore, Saeghe project has been renamed to phpkg.

This website no longer receives updates.

Please visit phpkg website at


You may already have an application or a package that uses Composer as the package manager. If you wish to migrate, you can use the migrate command.


On the package or application directory that you want to migrate, run the following command:

saeghe migrate

This command reads from your composer.json and composer.lock files and migrates your used packages from the vendor directory to a Packages directory. It also makes saeghe.config.json and saeghe.config-lock.json files for your application/package and all dependencies.

After that, you can simply run the build command.

For migration you need to have your vendor directory installed from the composer.

The migrate command will not guarantee to migrate of everything properly yet. There might be required for you to add some use statements in used classes.