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Saeghe is a difficult name to pronounce. Therefore, Saeghe project has been renamed to phpkg.

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Packages will improve over time, so they introduce newer versions. Now, if you used an old version, you need to update the package to use a newer version, a specific version or the latest version.


For updating a package to its latest package, simply, run the update command and pass the package's path:

saeghe update{owner}/{repo}.git

Sometimes, you may need to update a package to a specific version. In this case, you need to just pass the version tag to the update command:

saeghe update{owner}/{repo}.git --version={version-tag}

It removes the current version of the package from your application and then adds the latest version of your desired version.

You may define an alias for the package therefore, later you can use the defined alias for updating the package:

Note For more information about the alias command, please read this documentation.


Let's assume we have the test-runner package in our application. This package's owner is saeghe and the repo name is test-runner.

saeghe update

Running this command will remove the current version of the package and adds the latest available version for the test-runner package.

If we need to have a specific version of the test-runner, then you need to specify the version number:

saeghe update --version=v1.0.1

If you defined an alias for the package, then you can use the alias for updating the package. Let's assume we defined a test-runner alias for this package. Then you can run the following command:

saeghe update test-runner

For updating to a specific version:

saeghe update test-runner --version=v1.0.1