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The FilesystemCollection class extends the Collection datatype class. If you use the ls or ls_all methods on a Directory object, the return type will be a FilesystemCollection. It also gives you access to an API that you can see in the following.

Note For more information on the Collection class, please read its documentation


You can use the constructor to make a new FilesystemCollection.

use Saeghe\FileManager\Filesystem\FilesystemCollection;

$directory = Directory::from_string('/home/user');
$file = File::from_string('/home/user/file');
$symlink = Symlink::from_string('/home/user/symlink');

$collection = new FilesystemCollection([$directory, $file, $symlink]);
$files = $collection->filter(function (Directory|File|Symlink $item) {
    return $item instanceof File;

When you use the ls or ls_all methods on the Directory class, the return type is a FilesystemCollection:

use Saeghe\FileManager\Filesystem\FilesystemCollection;
use Saeghe\FileManager\Filesystem\Directory;

$directory = Directory::from_string('/home/user');

$collection = $directory->ls();
$collection = $directory->ls_all();